Our company is engaged in the production, harvesting, and sale of sawn timber. The spectrum of our products includes mainly softwood from which sawn timber is produced, and we also work with beech (firewood production). Experience in the production and sales of this product is more than two years. We work for both export and domestic market (Ukraine).

Here you can buy edged / unedged boards, beams, firewood, those sizes that you need. We work for the customer, trying to find the optimal terms for the preparation of the order, meet the quality requirements, delivery time and terms of cooperation. Our company is aimed at long and mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Therefore, our main goal is the quality of our products.

For any questions regarding orders, delivery, price and quality please contact us by using the contact form or by the phone numbers listed in the contacts.



The assortment include coniferous sawn timber of 1st and 2nd quality grades, and beech (firewoods).


We work with good understanding of customer's business needs, it is also possible to purchase harvested products.  

Help centre

For any questions regarding production and cooperation please contact us by phone or ask questions by mail, we will be gladly to help you.