Transportation of sawn timber, as well as transportation of other types of cargo, is associated with many difficulties due to the specifics of this cargo. Transportation of such goods should be carried out carefully, as this material is not characterized by high strength and there is a probability of loss of integrity. Unlike other types of cargoes, which are packed and palletized, sawn timber is difficult to load without special loading equipment. Also, the transportation of sawn timber involves the use of belts, cones, anti-skid crests, to secure the cargo.

We work with orders of at least 30m3 (the volume that is placed in the TIR). Shipment and dispatch of the TIR is carried out in v. Spas Starosambirsky area.

Also we work on the railway communication. Shipment and dispatch is carried out in Yavora village, Turkovsky region.

There is a warehouse in Hungary, in the village of Jánkmajtis.

In the case of orders for the port, we provide customs clearance for the container and send the order to Odessa.

For orders less than 30m3, self-delivery is provided.