About us


We are working with timber and lumber production.

In this area we have been working for more than 2 years, and at the moment we are working steadily both in Ukraine and abroad, in Europe. Since 2016, we have come a long way, and have grown up to a company engaged in the production and sale of timber, such as edged / unedged boards, beams and others. Working with customers in Europe, our company has expanded its capabilities, and now most of our customers are from European countries.

Long-term business can be realized only if both sides can trust each other, and both sides are satisfied with the deal. In today's complex and contradictory economic situation, a stable business is based on trust.

As a manufacturer, we are always consider new customers, we are looking for cooperation with companies, which are interested in our product, and, in turn, we provide everything necessary for long-term and fruitful cooperation.


This is the quality on which we build the future of our company.

  • High-quality products
  • Better customer service


High-quality production and the best result for the customer. We believe that working in this direction we will achieve the client's trust, and, based on this, a stable business based on trust and quality of products.